Don’t Forget to Schedule an Annual Furnace Maintenance Visit

Crisp mornings and cool evenings have arrived in Lynchburg, VA. The first burst of frosty winter air could arrive any day now, and the last thing you’ll want to wake up to is a furnace that won’t heat your home. If you don’t want any disruptions to your comfort, now is the right time to schedule your annual furnace maintenance visit with a qualified heating contractor.

Lower Utility Bills

During an annual furnace maintenance visit, our technicians check the burner and air supply. According to the Department of Energy, this maximizes your comfort and optimizes the furnace’s energy use. We also replace dirty furnace filters, which could decrease your winter heating bills by 15% or more.

Avoid a Costly Repair Bill

A key part of annual furnace maintenance visits is a system inspection. We check every part of the furnace and test its performance. If we see any parts that are worn out, damaged, or hazardous, we’ll let you know. Our well-stocked fleet and warehouse allow us to replace problematic parts. This helps you avoid a costly repair bill later in the winter season.

Prevent a Furnace Malfunction

A neglected furnace experiences more wear and tear. Excess wear and tear are a common cause of furnace malfunctions. According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, up to 95% of furnace problems can be avoided just by scheduling your annual furnace tune-up. When your furnace operates without issues, you’ll be cozy indoors all winter long.

Extend Your Furnace’s Lifespan

Dirty furnaces with clogged air filters and extra wear and tear don’t last as long as they could if they were properly maintained. A new furnace is a big investment in your home. An annual furnace maintenance visit will help extend your furnace’s lifespan, so you won’t have to prematurely replace your heating system.

To learn more about what annual furnace maintenance includes, check out Energy Air and Electrical Inc.’s heating system maintenance services, or contact our qualified heating contractors today.

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